Check out my Rangers perpective on the Call to the Pen

The writers for MLB team were asked to write about their particular organizations waste of talent whether the player is in the Minors or is riding the bench.  I submitted a submission which I also posted here on Nolan Writin in an earlier post.  You can check out the Call to the Pen blog on Wasting Away (AL version) here.  There is some great insight in the blog on the other MLB teams who the Rangers face most of the season. 

 Call to the Pen was started as an overall MLB site in which most of the time there is a different topic discussed each day by a different writer.  The writers on Call to the Pen are also writers for the MLB teams.  There is some great writers on the site, so for more insight on MLB and something other than just my perspective you should check it out.  The overall site is  So if you have some extra time check it out and thanks for checking out Nolan Writin’.

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