Texas Rangers Sign Hirotoshi Onaka and Yhency Brazoban to the Minors

Hey guys!  It’s my birthday today so I’m not going in great detail about this but I got an e-mail notification and wanted to get it up on the blog ASAP.

The Texas Rangers are moving past and dealing with the loss of Cliff Lee and they have made their first sign post-Lee today.  Even though it is a Minor League contract, it’s still a push forward for the team in my eyes.

The Rangers signed 22-year-old Hirotoshi Onaka, a Japanese outfielder, on Thursday.  This makes their second player that they have signed to be Japanese born.  If you remember, November 30, the Rangers signed a right-handed Yoshinori Tateyama to a Major League contract.

But, wait! Onaka isn’t the only one that signed a Minor League contract today as the Rangers also announced that they signed right-handed pitcher Yhency Brazoban.  The 30-year-old played with the Dodgers in 2008, which is when he last pitched.  Out of 115 innings, he has an ERA of 4.70.  He is currently playing in the Dominican Republic for the winter.

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