Josh Hamilton Hospitalized; Get Well Soon!

It just came to my attention that Josh Hamilton has been hospitalized and has been diagnosed with an early case of pneumonia. But, hey fans, don’t you worry if you think he won’t be able to attend next month’s LCU Event as he’s still scheduled to be there.  He is scheduled to be released within about 24 hours so it’s nothing serious. Good thing he got in there and is getting it treated before it developed into something worse and caused major respiratory problems for him.

29-year-old Hamilton, the American League MVP, should be back up and going in a few days, which means that he’ll be back to his normal daily baseball activities.  Good thing because he needs to get back into conditioning and practicing because he and the rest of his team have a huge year ahead of them and hopefully another World Series! But, I must say, if it were me that had been diagnosed with pneumonia, my butt sure wouldn’t be back out on the field anytime soon…but I’m also not nearly as fit as he is either. Get well soon, Josh!

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