Voting Closes Soon: Vote for AL West All-Division Team!

Just throwing this out there real quick – if you love your Rangers and you love the American League West then you need to get to Call to the Pen right now and vote for the AL West as the best all-division team. The West is currently lagging behind drastically and I doubt that we can get up to first place as the AL East is by far a better all-around team, but come on, we are definitely better than AL Central! Right now, Central is beating West too by several votes.

We made a post here at Nolan Writin’ earlier this week regarding the All-Division Team Voting. Come on guys, show your love and support for your Rangers and fellow division teams by voting for AL West. If we can’t win it, we can at least come in second, right? The voting will close soon so vote now before it’s too late and we come in third!

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