Fun With Numbers: Goofy Season Projections

Here’s some fun with numbers in the four games played this season. Have to love a small sample size.

The Texas Rangers have hit 13 Home Runs this season, they are currently on pace to hit 526.5 for the season as a team. The record for must home runs in a season by a team is held by the Seattle Mariners who hit 264 in 1997.

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Nelson Cruz has a home run in all four games this season, so he is on pace to hit 162 assuming he doesn’t miss a game.

The Single-Season Team RBI record is 942 by the New York Yankees of 1936, Texas currently has 31 and is on pace to hit 1,255.5 RBIs.

Currently the team leads the league in extra-base hits with 26 and is on pace to hit 1053 for the season.

And….the team is on pace to win 162 games, and lose none. World Series here we come!


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