Feliz Fails: Rangers Fall to Astros 5-3

The Rangers went into the 9th inning with a 3-1 lead. Colby Lewis took the mound to start the game and was FANTASTIC – and that may be an understatement. From there Dave Bush allowed a run in the eighth inning Neftali Feliz allowed FOUR runs in the ninth.

Let’s talk about the good before we get to the bad. Nelson Cruz had a solo home run, and Michael Young was 2 for 4 with an RBI. The gem of this game was entirely Colby Lewis. Lewis went seven innings, only allowed three hits, one walk, and no runs. On top of that he picked up eight strikeouts in the game. It’s a complete shame that Lewis had such a great start, and then the bullpen unraveled it.

Feliz only pitched two-thirds of the 9th but allowed four runs on four hits, including a two run home run. He did pitch two innings the night before so perhaps this was just a fatigue issue.

The Rangers get an off day today, and take on the Mets this weekend.


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