More Roy Oswalt Hooplah

Yet again the pot of Roy Oswalt rumblings has been stirred, this time by the Reds GM Walt Jocketty. After some contact with the free agent he stated that he is just waiting for Texas to clear some payroll. This strikes me as odd and worrisome.

I’ve already made it clear what my thoughts are on the Oswalt-to-Texas nonsense and what it could mean for a potential breakout year for Matt Harrison.

This clearing the payroll talk is also pushing my thoughts to the extreme. The obvious choice of players to move would be Koji Uehara, considering his preference to go back to Baltimore, and his $4 million salary. At first, I was blinded by the miserable 11 innings that we all seem to remember so well, and didn’t think to look to the numbers. Well, Koji’s projections don’t seem to bad:


Obviously these stats aren’t everything, but they do show the quality of pitcher Koji really is, and show how overreaction can lead to bad decisions. Until Next Time, Go Rangers.

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