Yu Darvish and Josh Hamilton at Yu's introduction press conference

The Guessing Game

I wanted to write a quick post about a few of my expectations and predictions for the 2012 season. Hopefully they will come close to this:

1) Ian Kinsler will have an even bigger season than the last one. With his new procedure, his natural maturing, and his all around great baseball skills, I see another 30-30 season with a much better AVG. MVP caliber play.

2) Another huge year from Josh Hamilton. I think his contract year plus the minor offseason ruckus that he caused have him set up for a gigantic year.

3) Degression from Mike Napoli. His .344 BABIP can’t be sustained, although 30 home runs isn’t out of the question.

4) Yu Darvish blowing everyone away. I think this guy is going to be amazing. I’m thinking top 5 in Cy Young voting.

5) No playoff appearance for the Angels. This one makes me happy to think about. I don’t think the offseason they had completely makes up for the run differential between the Angels and Rangers. I also see the two wild card teams coming from the East.

I’d like to hear some other thoughts about anymore guesses anyone may have. Getting really excited, I can almost hear the crack of wooden bats coming from Surprise. Until next time, Go Rangers.

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