Neftali Feliz

The Intangibles: Neftali Feliz

I was reminded that I haven’t done one of these in a while, so here it goes.

The Rangers former closer and future ace (hopefully) has had quite a bit of success the past 2 years as the show stopper in Arlington. With a 100 MPH fastball and an offense that never seems to quit, his job wasn’t as tough as some other closers. At 23 years old, the kid is in position to be absolutely amazing. Stats from 2011:

2.74 ERA
32 Saves
54 SO
1.16 WHIP

These are numbers that any relief pitcher would salivate over, also did I mention that he is only 23 years old? 2010 stats:

2.73 ERA
40 Saves
71 SO
.88 WHIP

Wow. He did regress a little in 2011 but I think that has more to do with the hitters having seen him for a year than it does his ability. Currently, he is working on his changeup in Surprise and should be extremely effective in the starting rotation. Did I mention he has a 100 MPH plus fastball to complement that changeup?

Knowing that the guy you have to face at the end of a game is a flamethrower can’t be an easy thought to ponder in the on-deck circle. Hopefully, Game 6 hasn’t demolished his mental toughness. Until next time, Go Rangers.

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