The Southpaw Search Continues: Neil Cotts

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Jun 13, 2008; Chicago Cubs pitcher Neal Cotts Mandatory Credit: Tom Szczerbowski-US PRESSWIRE

Neal Cotts turned heads on Thursday. Not by fans asking who this guy was and where did he come from, but that may happen more in the future.. But by the Texas Rangers staff following his nice performance in the first of the inter squad games. Cotts was signed to a minor league contract on February 20 and was expected to report to minor league camp. But with the continued question marks around the left handed reliever position he has been in major league camp so far.

Cotts is the latest left handed reliever to be considered for the position in the bullpen. While it has long been rumored that the Rangers and Mike Gonzales are communicating and may reach a deal, Spring Training is now here and as of yet there is nothing going. His addition also shows that the front office has yet to make up its mind as whom they are going to tap to be in the big leagues.

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