Spring Training Update

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As of yet the reigning American League champs have not had a single Spring Training game televised while theEast Coast gang of the Yankees, Red Sox and Phillies have had a large number of their games televised. The shocking part of this was that even the MLB debut of Yu Darvish was not completely televised. ESPN News promoted that they were going to broadcast the first 4 batters that he would face, but that turned into 3 batters. The Japanese media on the other hand broadcasted the game in its entirety and 4 networks showed Darvish’s entire performance live.

With the offseason struggle of Josh Hamilton and the magnificent year the Mike Napoli had last year it should have resulted in additional media attention this year, but it hasn’t occurred. When news of Hamilton falling off the wagon got around the world quickly knew his failure. But he has received only minimal attention from the media. At the same time that the chants of “NA PO LI” are still echoing in RBiA Napoli and fresh off the failure to sign an extension he is once again being forgotten by most of the baseball media sources.

It’s probably a good thing that this going on. Not that am I happy with them loosing, I am grateful for the time that they have to get ready for the season. For those players who will be returning to the minor leagues the time in the major league club is a confidence booster. Meanwhile it is past time for Washington, along with JD and Nolan Ryan need to decide on the left handed specialist role for the pen.
Enjoy Spring Training Rangers! As always Go Rangers

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