The Countdown Continues: Yorvit Torrealba

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Torrealba joined the Texas Rangers as a free agent in November 2010. He had played the 2010 season with the San Diego Padres. It was assumed that he would be the starting catcher for 2011 and a good replacement for the free agent Bengie Molina.

Going into 2012 Yorvit has played in the majors for parts of 11 seasons with five different teams. His career offensive stats are .260/.318/.360 and 52 homeruns, 12 triples, and 146 doubles. He has a career 18 stolen bases and has been caught stealing 16 times. Defensively, he has been consistent with 31 errors and a fielding percentage of .994.

Torrealba’s 2011 season was forgettable. He lost his starting catcher job to Mike Napoli as well as the hearts and minds of the Rangers faithful. He played an almost nonexistent role with the club during the playoff run. Offensively he hit .273/.306/.399 which is over his career numbers in everything but on base percentage. The catcher appeared in 113 games, which tied the record amount of games he played in his career. During the season he hit 7 home runs, which curiously is the same number he hit while with the San Diego Padres. Compared with the production that Napoli gave, Torrealba at best can be considered having an underperforming 2011.

Defensively there are not many things that can be said well about his season. Torrealba had 9 errors, or a third of the total amount of errors of his career. His fielding percentage was .988, just one thousandth of a point better than his worst season. He led all catchers in the number of outs. And sadly he had two errors in the third game of the series against the Atlanta Braves and was pulled for being out of gas.

2012 will hopefully bring an end to Torrealba’s stint with the Rangers. As for right now he will be Napoli’s back up and the man to give Napoli days off from being catcher. Unless injury puts him out of commission I think the catcher position is firmly in Napoli’s control. Torrealba will also be dealing with fallout from his tirade on the umpire in the offseason.

As always Go Rangers

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