The Rosters Are Being Set

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For those of you who don’t know each of the minor league clubs have the ability to keep only so many men on the roster. In the case of Myrtle Beach and Hickory both can keep 25 players. There will be times when players move up and down, based on injuries and performance.

The players who were on the Dominican Summer League, the Arizona Summer League and in Spokane for the short summer league in 2012 will have to wait in extended spring training until they are placed or let go by the club. For many good young players every at bat, every pitch and every ground ball can make the difference between playing ball and applying at Sears. It can break your heart quicker than you know exactly what is going on.

Texas has made its name right now by using its minor league system to move people forwards who need to be there and to keep the low end of the farm staffed with players that can make any position. Yet this type of work can be gruesome for fans and players alike.

Among the players that I have watched over the years that have been let go so far this week have been Renny Osuna and Jared Bolden. I hope that if they cannot get on with a MLB team that they can get on with an independent league team.

With the upcoming swing of Texas Rangers against the Frisco RoughRiders and the Round Rock Express I will recommend that you get there if possible and enjoy some of the finest young talent in the minors. I will be seeing how the youngest talents get their seasons going.

As Always Go Rangers.

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