Arlington Stadium: Part 1 Of the 40th Anniversary Series

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The Texas Rangers have officially begun their 40th anniversary year. 40 years ago the newly minted Rangers were playing in an old minor league field that had been poorly updated and rechristened Arlington Stadium. This ballpark, even in its heyday was nothing like the Ranger Ballpark in Arlington. But there was something about it that got into your blood and your soul and stayed there.

The stadium began life in 1965 as a 10,000 seat minor league stadium that was called Turnpike Stadium. It was originally the home to the Dallas Fort Worth Spurs. During their existence they were the AA affiliate of the Cubs, Astros and the Baltimore Orioles. In 1970 the stadium was expanded to seat 20,500 people in an attempt to get a Major League team, but they were passed on and the proposed team went to

Arlington Stadium


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