Mitch Moreland: No Need To Worry

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Baseball is the greatest game for a lot reasons, but one of the best reason is the ability for every fan to see things differently. Today Nolan Writin staff writer Jean-Luc Tilly wrote an article concerning the early struggles of Mitch Moreland. I highly suggest you read it before finishing this article as Jean-Luc did an excellent job of presenting his case.

Before I go any further, I will say that for the record I am a big Mitch Moreland fan. I have his jersey which I wear religiously, I follow his wife on Twitter and have had the joy of having several conversations with her, and I have followed Moreland since he was drafted in 2007. As you may know by now I am an unabashed Josh Hamiltonapologist, I am also an apologist for Mitch Moreland.

Texas Rangers first baseman Mitch Moreland (18) Credit: Jim Cowsert-US PRESSWIRE

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