In Search Of A Backup Catcher

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In my previous article concerning Neftali Feliz‘s 4th inning debacle during the 3-2 loss, I promised to discuss whom I blame that inning on, and why I do. I do not for a moment hold that inning against Feliz, he was rattled by hitting Brennan Boesch and he got off rail. In fact it took a visit from Mike Maddux, after the truth about what was was happening was painfully obvious to everyone watching, for Feliz to regain his feet.

I lay what happened during that inning firmly at the feet of backup catcher Yorvit Torrealba. While he is technically not the full time catcher, he gets much more time behind home than the majority of backup catchers in the majors. For that reason alone he cannot just be a backup, he has got to play like a starting catcher.

Torrealba strolling back to first base. Image courtesy of MLB

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