James Shields has been Traded to KC for Wil Myers and More

James Shields has been traded, along with right-hander Wade Miller, to the Kansas City Royals for top OF prospect Wil Myers, RHP Jake Odorizzi, LHP Mike Montgomery, and RHP Patrick Leonard.

In coming days, the trade will largely be considered a lopsided victory in favor of the Rays, who are shedding $21 million of James Shields over the next two years, and another minor fortune in Wade Davis. The Royals are getting some much needed help on the pitching front, but are dishing out a bevy of projectable arms to make that happen.

How does this affect the Rangers? Well, with Zack Greinke off the market, James Shields was said to be their #2 pitching target. That option is now gone. This leaves us with a plethora of marginal upgrades of the R.A. Dickey and Anibal Sanchez likings.

We’ll keep this one short.

The Rangers have a lot of work to do.

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