Offseason Video Blog #2

  • Teddynelson

    “A .500 team” are you serious?
    We need to search for an upgrade to Perez, or possibly DutchOven. A catcher is essential. But this is a good squad other than that. I agree with the Upton issue. Lets get our hands on that guy. (man crush)
    Don’t stress the public out with small comments like .500 team; have faith in our FO. The Rangers will contend this year.

    • Eric Reining

      To be fair, I don’t think stressing anyone out was my intention here. Like you said, we need upgrades in the rotation, at catcher, and in the middle of the lineup (whether it’s Upton or Hamilton). My contention with the .500 comment was simply to say as it stands right now, today.

      Knowing Jon Daniels and this aggressive front office, I imagine all the holes on our roster will be addressed by the time spring training rolls around, but minus a 3-win pitcher, a 4-5 win bat, and a catcher, this team is far from where it’s been the last two years. At least right now.