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Betting on Texas Rangers baseball

It seems kind of amazing to even be talking about the next MLB season, let alone considering which teams to put bets on, as it doesn’t even start for another five months. That is how the world of sports betting works though, as is shown by the fact that you can already get full odds for the American and National League, as well as the World Series, at all of the top bookmakers. The Texas Rangers are rated as one of the teams to watch by the bookies for the 2014 season, as they have been given low odds for the American League (13/2) and the World Series (14/1), so are they the team to pick?

It is extremely hard to say when there is so much time left before the season starts, as we have no real way of knowing what changes will take place in the squads of the Rangers or the other teams around them in odds terms – like the Dodgers, the Red Sox and the Tigers. Given the quality possessed by these sides though, it will still be a big ask for the Rangers to win the World Series, although a bet on them for either the American League, or simply to qualify for the play-offs, could be a smart pick. However what does a baseball fan do once that bet has been placed, until the season starts? Well one option is to consider mobile casino baseball slot machine games to pass that time.

It is an option worthy of just as much serious consideration as a bet on the Rangers, because these games have taken casino sites by storm over the last few years. The baseball slot with five reels called Hot Shot is one of those that has proven a hit, as it has the top reel graphics, sound effects, jackpot and good payout chances that characterize all the best of these games. The finest sports themed slot games also offer the kind of cheap gaming needed by most of us non-high roller gamblers in the current climate, as well as convenience, with mobile casino apps to be downloaded to a phone.

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