This is what Derek Holland looks like

Derek Holland is Back!

It almost feels like the start of the 2015 season tonight watching left handed pitcher Derek Holland tossing the ball tonight. This has been a very rough season beginning with the Derek Holland injury, and it just seems like the terribleness of 2014 is now over with September being here and Derek Holland being on the mound.


I know that is not the case, and there are still nearly 30 games to go in the 2014 season, but I feel like this is a fresh start for a team that has had a very rough season. The Rangers now have Derek Holland for the month of September along with the call ups, and believe it or not I feel like he can be a veteran presence to help some of the younger pitchers that are currently struggling.


Derek should get 4 to 5 starts to finish the season, and if the Rangers have a good September I believe that he will be part of the reason. So enjoy tonight’s game, and enjoy knowing that the 2015 roster is beginning to take shape tonight with the return of Derek Holland, the Dutch Oven! I really hope he can get a win in his first start of the season!



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