Texas Rangers Struggles Could Be Somewhat Easy to Fix

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Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Trade for a catcher

At this point, the Texas Rangers have to realize that Robinson Chirinos just is not a starting caliber catcher. He may be solid defensively and have a strong arm, but when a team is struggling, having someone that just is not performing at all offensively in the lineup does not help. This is not the Rays of a couple years back when they could hide Jose Molina due to their strong pitching and timely offense.

While the Rangers may actually have an upgrade on the roster already with Carlos Corporan, he has never had more than 210 plate appearances in a season. It is not as though he is a known quantity.

With that in mind, the Rangers should look at making a trade for a catcher. Jarrod Saltalamacchia is available, and likely would not cost much. Likewise, teams like the Astros and the Cubs have a catching logjam, with Jason Castro and Wellington Castillo, respectively, potentially being available.

Yes, there are other teams in need of catching help. However, the Rangers may want to look there for an upgrade in the lineup.

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