Texas Rangers Struggles Could Be Somewhat Easy to Fix

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Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Be patient with the offense

When speaking about the Texas Rangers offense, and the issues therein, there are quite a few places to start. Essentially anyone not named Prince Fielder or Mitch Moreland has been a disaster, and Moreland is currently on the disabled list. It is not a pretty sight.

However, the offense cannot possibly remain this bad all year. Players like Adrian Beltre and Shin-Soo Choo have proven track records and are not that far removed from being All-Stars. Elvis Andrus may not make anyone think of Troy Tulowitzki at the plate, but he is typically around league average. Rougned Odor has displayed improved plate discipline this season, even if it has not manifested itself on the batting line yet. And Josh Hamilton is lurking, waiting to come back as a member of the Rangers.

What the Rangers are facing is simply a matter of a lot of players all hitting a bad stretch at the same time. While it is entirely possible that the Rangers offense just is not what we all thought it was, it just seems unlikely that everyone fell off a cliff at the same exact time. These proven run producers will eventually get back to their normal production. The Rangers just need to be patient.

Maybe it is not the easiest thing to do in sports, but aside from a couple of minor tweaks, the Rangers may not have to do much to get back on track. In this case, patience would be a virtue.

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