Texas Rangers Trade Targets: Starting Rotation

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These five pitchers each have something to offer that could help this team get where they need to be. The Others options are not potential aces but with the success of Gallardo they may only need a solid number two starter. Of the three, Kennedy would be the most likely option and would be the best fit for the price to acquire him.

Of the two aces, the main question is what the Rangers are looking for in terms of a contract. Hamels may be the better starter but is owed a lot of money over the next few years which may be tough for the Rangers to pay. The contract does give the Rangers the knowledge that he will be around for several years and they will not lose him like they have the last rentals they traded for. Cueto would offer the Rangers just a one-year rental with a chance to sign after the season, although we all know how that has gone before. Even if they were not able to sign him, Cueto could offer a lot to this staff for his one year and could be an ace they need if Gallardo struggles.

Overall, when considering the cost to acquire each of these players, the Rangers should target one of the aces. With the additional Wild Card, the Rangers remain in a position for a strong second half of the season and Hamels and Cueto will help with that push. The other three players would be a solid fit, but with the recent struggles of Gonzalez and Martinez along with the difficulty of Gallardo to maintain this level of play, they are in need of an ace. Personally, I would go with Cueto as he is two years younger than Hamels and they would not be on the hook for three to four additional years if it doesn’t work out.

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