Congrats to the Rangers 2012 Gold Glove Finalists

The 2012 Gold Glove nominees were announced this morning and the Rangers have three on the list for this season.

ShortstopElvis Andrus is one of three finalists at the SS position. He is up against J.J. Hardy, of the Baltimore Orioles, and Brendan Ryan, of the Seattle Mariners. Andrus, in his third full season in the MLB, did ok overall, but still has defensive weaknesses to resolve. Hardy was a lot like Andrus: good, but has a lot of work to still do on the field. Ryan was big part of a pretty solid Mariners defense; Ryan went on to win the 2012 Fielding Bible. I feel that his offense will be held against him, though, considering that he ended 2012 with a .194 average and there has never been a player hitting below the Mendoza line to win a Glove.

Third Base: Adrian Beltre, once again and deservedly so, is up for his second consecutive award with the Rangers. He is up against Brandon Inge, of the Oakland Athletics, and Mike Moustakasof the Kansas City Royals. This seems like an obvious choice, but nothing can be assumed with baseball. The only chance of an upset I see is with Inge, who did a lot to help out his Athletics club in the face of being released by the Detroit Tigers.  I can’t really comment on Moustakas, only because I wasn’t able to really observe much of his play. All in all, I do believe Beltre is a lock for the award.

Left Field: The award list was posted on ESPN at 11:15 AM. At 11:16 AM, there was a loud and collective, “What the what?!” heard all over when it was revealed that David Murphy was a Gold Glove candidate. It was a pleasant surprise to me, but a surprise none the less. He is up against Desmond Jennings, of the Tampa Bay Rays, and Alex Gordon, of the Kansas City Royals. Murphy did well, but he had a lot of holes defensively to start the season and it took him a while to get things right. Jennings was up and down as well, and considering these two are up against the 2012 Fielding Bible winner, I can’t see Murphy or Jennings having enough to edge out Gordon.

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  • jj tardy

    Dude are you high? Brendan Ryan won the Fielding Bible Award voted on by a panel of the most respected baseball analysts. He isnt the best SS in MLB, he is MLB’s best defender according to The Fielding Bible Awards. There is a very good reason why he received 99 out of a possible 100 voter points. And just how are Hardy’s numbers better? Ryan destroyed him in UZR, DWAR, Defensive Runs Saved. Shoot he lead all of MLB. Don’t even get me started that he had an astonishing 77% success rate on turning double plays. Andrus should not even be in the argument. He had a nice year but it was not close to worthy of a gold glove. Overall he has the complete package but he has a ways to go if he wants to be considered the best.
    Actually considering how much of a joke the gold glove awards have been having an inferior Andrus or Hardy take home the Trophy would be a fitting punch line….

    • ⚾Sarah Powers⚾

      I agree that the award is a joke. Hardy will probably get the benefit of the doubt because of how “magical and improbable” his team’s season was. Ryan did do a lot for his team and you’re right, he deserves it on merit and ability; but, I can see the voters using the fact that he plays for the Mariners against him. That’s not right by any means, but it wouldn’t surprise me if that factored into the decision and that’s a point I should have communicated adequately the first time (I’ve made an edit to reflect more on Ryan’s season).

      Which SS would you have on the list instead of Andrus?

      • JJ Tardy

        One thing is for certain, the Gold Glove are not based on anything scientific. The coaches and managers get a piece of paper and are asked to cast several votes for one player at each position to win the Gold Glove and one player at each position to win the Silver Slugger Award. Given the fact that these coaches and managers only have a chance to see players from other teams a few times per season and that they have so many votes to cast, it comes as no surprise that a guy like Derek Jeter who is widely considered to be atrocious defensively can win several GG’s.
        With that in mind it would come as no surprise if any of the three took home the hardware. Ryan is far and away the best. John Dewan of the Fielding Bible Awards said of him:

        “Brendan Ryan is the best defender in baseball. Period. Make that double period. He has saved 67 runs for his team defensively over the last three years, the highest total among all players. The next highest runs saved total is not even close [Michael Bourn, 51]“.

        If you want to go back 4 years, Ryan has 89 defensive runs saved and the next closest SS is Alexei Rameriz with 43. Hardy and Andrus both have 23 DRS since 2009….but I digress.

        The drop off defensively from Ryan to JJ is steep and the drop off from Hardy to Andrus is just as steep. There are any number of players that one could argue deserves to be the third finalist. Johnny Peralta comes to mind. He had the higher UZR. Escobar had more defensive runs saved. Even Mike Aviles had a nice season where an argument can be made. I guess what I am trying to say is that there is Ryan by himself, then Hardy by himself and then about 5 interchangeable SS’s with Andrus being one of them.

        Ryan – 14.7
        Hardy – 11.4
        Andrus – 8.8

        Defensive Runs Saved:
        Ryan – 27
        Hardy – 18
        Andrus – 8

        Defensive WAR
        Ryan – 3.6
        Hardy – 2.8
        Andrus – 1.6

        Fielding Bible Award Winner:
        Ryan – 99 out of 100 voter points