Jun 7, 2013; Toronto, Ontario, CAN; Texas Rangers third baseman Jeff Baker (15) celebrates second baseman Jurickson Profar (13) scoring in the first inning against the Toronto Blue Jays at the Rogers Centre. Mandatory Credit: John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Of Wants and Needs, the Grandest of Illusions

The Rangers need to trade Jurickson Profar in order to have realistic thoughts of a third trip to the World Series. The Rangers need to acquire pitching at the trade deadline. The Rangers need a team identity. The Rangers need more Leadership.

Okay, enough caustic derision.

In actuality, the 2013 team is not perfect (no team is), but the Rangers are far from needing to do anything. Rather than fall victim to the media pundits and their compulsively heedless propensity to identify and/or regurgitate “story lines”—the things of ESPN Sunday Night Baseball broadcasts, refer to the facts.

As I have already mentioned, the Rangers are in a position in which the team does not need to do much of anything different in order to legitimately compete. As a matter of fact, the Texas Rangers still remain as one of baseball’s most well-rounded organizations. Sure, a trade or two is a want at the moment, but it is certainly not a need. Teams in desperation have needs, the Rangers are in a position of wants.

Despite being an annual buyer at the trade deadline for the past three seasons, the Rangers still boast a unanimous top ten farm system. Despite losing such arms as Colby Lewis, Neftali Feliz and Matt Harrison to the DL, the Rangers’ pitching has posted the 4th best FIP in MLB at 3.64 (7th best xFIP). Despite losing major contributors to the offense during the offseason, the Rangers’ offense has posted the 10th best wRC+ in MLB at 102, along with scoring the 10th most runs in all of MLB. Despite every narrative that has been spun by these media pundit spiders with the intentions of snaring readers and followers within their webs, the Rangers are doing just fine.

The grandest of all illusions is convincing the audience of a farce. For the most part, Rangers fans seem rather convinced that the team has an abundance of needs. For the most part, Rangers fans are seized by this radical notion. Disappointingly for this fraction of Rangers fans, they have fallen victim to narratives—the grandest of all illusions, except there is nothing subtle or magical about this trick.

In reality, the 2013 team has competed admirably to this point. Reinforcements are soon to come. The farm system is as deep and loaded as it needs to be in order to accomodate the impending wants. 

Relax, the Rangers are fine.

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  • Martin B.

    I pretty much agree with what you’re saying here Michael. I think that John Daniels holds the cards here. The roster could use some tinkering especially on the offensive side but I think that having Kinsler and Moreland back will help immensely. The team doesnt truly need alot more to compete for the division and like you said, most of the Rangers reinforcements will be players coming back from spending time on the disabled list.

    • Mike G.

      Thank you for reading. The Rangers currently find themselves in a cold stretch, but the team just has to do well enough to bridge the gap between now and the time(s) in which the team gradually becomes healthier.

  • Toad

    It seems the rangers have followed the model of the teams from the national league that beat them in those WS. Pitching is key, and if Colby isn’t the Colby of old then one starting pitcher may become a need to make it deep. But you’re right, we are in 2nd, it’s a little rocky, but it’s also a long season

    • Mike G.

      Thanks for reading. Also keep in mind that the A’s are playing completely over their heads right now. It has taken Oakland an incredible hot streak (18-3 over their past 21 games) in order to pass Texas in the standings. Oakland will cool off, it’s inevitable, and the Rangers will eventually strengthen upon getting players back from the DL, not to mention many valuable assets to make trades if the right situation presents itself.

      • Andy

        I agree with the potential of reinforcements via trade or return from injury. There’s not much to worry about there. If there is someone the Rangers want bad enough, and that player can be had at all, they have the wherewithal to make it happen.

        The A’s, on the other hand, appear to have made a deal with the devil. Last year, people kept saying they were playing over their heads, and that they would cool off. They didn’t. I’m not holding my breath for them to this year.

        • Mike G.

          I will admit, I didn’t give Oakland enough credit last season until it was too late. I figured that the A’s just had to cool down eventually and that obviously never happened, but I won’t make the same mistake in underestimating the A’s this season. Oakland is a very good team, perhaps even a top 3 in the entire American League by season’s end. That said, the A’s are definitely and obviously the biggest obstacle to the Rangers winning the division in 2013.

          One thing that is encouraging though, is that the A’s have had one of the easier schedules thus far, meanwhile the Rangers have played the fewest home games in the league, yet only a half game separates the two.

  • Ben Dieter

    Glad to know I am not the only one not freaking out right now. Good piece Michael!

    • Mike G.

      Thanks, Ben!