Dec 15, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett calls a play during the second quarter of the game against the Green Bay Packers at AT

What the Rangers and Cowboys Have in Common

The Dallas Cowboys coaching staff did a terrible job trying to close out the win against the Green Bay Packers this past weekend. Jason Garrett is no longer the offensive coordinator, but he is the head coach, and he has proven to be a bad in game manager.

This seems to be a trend in the DFW area. The biggest complaint over the last few seasons about the Texas Rangers is that the manager Ron Washington is a terrible in game manager. He mis-handles the bull pen and the pitching staff in general. If you think about it, the Cowboys coach and the Texas Rangers manager have very similar managing styles.

Both guys are former players in their respective sport. Both guys are known as a players manager/coach. Both guys profess to much trust in players that are having a bad stretch or even a bad season. Both of them are not very exciting when talking to the media. And both guys have talented rosters. But there is a major difference in my opinion. Only one of them has played for a championship in his sport.

Ron Washington managed the Texas Rangers to back to back World Series (2010, 2011) and three straight playoff appearances. The Texas Rangers pulled a Cowboys last season by losing a winner take all game, something the Cowboys are headed for again this season. Washington is a good manager in my opinion, but I think his job may be in jeopardy this coming season if they don’t have a good season. There are only so many times you can keep running a pitcher or a player out there when they are not being productive, or leave a productive player on the bench. Washington seems to differ in opinion often with personal moves that Jon Daniels makes, like Jurickson Profar in 2011. Ron was also criticized for overplaying his starters that same year. It seems to me that these two gentlemen receive a lot of the same criticism.

I don’t know if I believe that this is a make or break year for Ron Washington, but it could be. It’ll be interesting to see how 2014 unfolds and how long or short of a leash the Texas Rangers front office put Ron Washington on. I think that Jason Garrett’s leash is feeling very, very short at the moment.

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  • Joe_Coco

    Seriously? Wash has won 90+ games for the last 4 yrs and because he hasn’t won it all he’s on the hot seat now? I grew up a Cubbies fan and was until I came to Texas in 2000, and I have to tell you, your getting as bad as Yankees fans. Whining because you didn’t win it all?!?!
    GROW UP!!

    • MidniteTease

      Joe, the Yankees aren’t magical, and the Cubs aren’t cursed. One team is managed well with the intention of winning the World Series every year. One team is managed poorly with the intention of unicorn farts saving their asses every year. Some fans would very much like the Rangers to model themselves after the Yankees rather than the Cubs. To that end, a winning manger who is known for poor in game management isn’t the best manager the Rangers could have, and therefore should seriously be under consideration for being replaced.

      • Joe_Coco

        How is winning 90+ games 4 yrs in a row and going to 2 WS not a winning Manager? And if you fire Wash who would you replace him with that’s better?

        • MidniteTease

          I *said* Ron Washington was a winning manager: “…a winning manger who is known for poor in game management isn’t the best manager the Rangers could have…”

          Who would I replace him with that’s better? Well, better by what criteria? Bob Melvin and Joe Girardi have both won more. In my opinion Melvin isn’t any *better* than Washington, although you could make a case for Girardi, maybe. Maddon is smarter, and probably worth a win or two more than Washington. But I can’t *prove* any of that. I think Dave Martinez would be a great manager, although I suspect the next manager of the Rangers will be Tim Bogar. Again, I can’t show you in any definitive way how either of those guys would be better (or worse, for that matter). I couldn’t prove that to you no matter how much I wanted to. My criteria for hiring a *better* manager than Ron Washington is to find a guy who thinks like this:

          1) Dis-regard “leverage” while making bullpen selections. Use your best relievers in order, with concessions for fatigue and, partially, streaks.

          2) Cool it with the sacrifices. A sacrifice is a failure to get on base. Moving a runner over with a bunt or fly ball is a side-effect, not a desired outcome.

          3) Construct your lineups on OPS, not “player types”.

          4) Guts don’t win ballgames, and veterans don’t have more than young players anyway. Veterans have experience, but if they can’t play right now, keep them off the damn field.

          Take Ron Washington, superimpose 1-4 above, and you get a better manager than Ron Washington. I can’t point to him, but I bet he’s out there. Hell, he may even be on the Rangers’ bench.

          • Joe_Coco

            Ok Melvin, Girardi and Maddon all have jobs! Like Wash or hate him when he took over in 2008 this was a 500 team now we aren’t. I don’t like everything he does either but for the first time in a long time we got a winning team that year in and year out are going to contend for the division. I say how about letting the guy actually have a bad year before we look for his replacement.

          • MidniteTease

            I would rather not have the bad season, if it can be avoided. Washington is an identifiable weakness that should, and probably will, be replaced when the right option for the right money comes along. His contract is up after this season, and unless the Rangers win the World Series next year, I’m betting he’s gone.

    • The Hague Sports

      Joe, it sounds to me like you’re completely missing the point. The point of the article is pointing out some similarities and the biggest difference between Wash and Garrett. I saw no mention of the Yankees nor Cubs. Let’s bring Duke basketball into the discussion why don’t we?