Sep 30, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Texas Rangers second baseman Ian Kinsler (right) is tagged out in a run down by Tampa Bay Rays shortstop Yunel Escobar (left) during the third inning at Rangers Ballpark at Arlington. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The King of Pop (Ups) Speaks Out

Former Texas Rangers second baseman and very former fan favorite Ian Kinsler had some things to say about the Texas Rangers today according to the Star Telegram and ESPN. Besides calling General Manager Jon Daniels a “sleezball” and hoping that the Texas Rangers go 0-162 this season, Kinsler whined that he was unhappy with the leadership role that the organization wanted him to take last season and the fact that they wanted him to move to first base. There is a classy way to handle leaving a team (see Michael Young) and there is the Josh Hamilton/Ian Kinsler way to leave a team.


Now Ian Kinsler was a great second baseman, but he did not have his best season in 2013. I guess the weight of the carrying the team was weighing him down and making him pop the ball straight up in the air. I just don’t understand why players have to get traded and then talk smack about their former team. Now that he is a Tiger, why does anyone care what he thinks about the Texas Rangers? I liked Ian Kinsler up until about ten minutes ago. Kinsler is now in a long line of players I like to call after the fact whiners. Did he ever go tell Jon Daniels that he thought he was a sleezball? Did he say he didn’t want to be the team leader to anyone? No, he tells the media after the fact that is was unfair and he was paid millions of dollars but his heart just wasn’t in it.


What a complete and utter baby. Please, just shut up Ian. You’re gone now, and good riddance to you. The Texas Rangers have a lead-off hitter now who can actually play like a lead-off hitter and not swing for the fences on every pitch. So now that the sky will be a little more clear due to the lack if Ian Kinsler pop-ups, We should be able to enjoy this Texas Rangers season a little more knowing that a whiney drama queen is now with the Tigers instead of our Texas Rangers.

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  • Joe_Coco

    I’m just is shock he would say these things!?! I just don’t get his thinking? was it sleazy to give a guy $75 million to watch a guy pop up and make AWFUL mental errors? IMO the only thing sleazy JD did was to waste Bob and Ray’s money on him instead of bringing up Profar sooner. I’m just in Shock I never would have thought we would talk about Kins in the same way as we do CJ or Josh, I honestly thought he was a classy guy. I really hope this is some kind of mistake…

  • JS

    I’m shocked the author used “your” instead of “you’re.” My 3rd grader makes that mistake as well, only she’s eight years old and not a “professional” writer. Your opinions of Ian Kinsler, along with your word choice, prove you need to find a new profession… talk about the utter baby, that is you, Mr. Dieter.

    • Ben Dieter

      I am not a professional writer either and sometimes I make mistakes. Thanks for reading and pointing out my error.

    • Joe_Coco

      JS these guys write because they enjoy it not because they get paid to do it. But if you think you are such a great writer why not apply for a position? Or are you just good at pointing out other peoples mistakes! the story is about Ian Kinsler not the difference between Your and You’re. You are a (did I use it right) Jackass!