Welcome to Nolan Writin


Welcome to Nolan Writin!!!  My name is Brandon Wolfe and I am the Lead Blogger for Nolan Writin.  Out side of my house the ground is covered with snow and the roads are covered with a sheet of ice.  Sometimes the off season can seem so cold and so long.  There is  the occasional big free agent signings and blockbuster trades, but overall  baseball fans are left to look forward to the day pitchers and catchers report to spring training and opening day at the ball park.

Texas Rangers fans have a lot to look forward to this upcoming season, because if approved by all parties involved the Tom Hicks ownership group will have sold the Ranger’s organization to the Chuck Greenberg group which will include Nolan Ryan as a minority owner.  Tom Hicks will also stay on as a minority owner; although the new ownership claims to invest more money into the Rangers on the field.  So hopefully this off season highlighted by a very small budget will be a thing of the past.  The Rangers have lost some very good players, but at the same time have added pretty good players to make the 25 man roster more complete.

I hope to write a blog which is edgy and interesting.  I want to hear how you the Ranger’s fans feel so please leave  comments and I will reply to your comments.  I  would love to hear from the fans and you can reach me at therangersexpress@gmail.com.  I also would love to be sent questions regarding the Rangers, Major League Baseball, and anything else involving baseball.  I will select a few of the questions that were sent to me  and answer them in a weekly Inbox blog.  Thank you for checking out Nolan Writin and I look forward to the season ahead.