Super Bowl is finally over and now it is time for Baseball


Around the end of October the final pitch of the season is thrown, the final out is tallied and a new World Series champion is crowned.  MLB fans then turn their attention to off season signings and the end of NFL season.  The baseball off season can be so long and so boring at times, with the occasional blockbuster trades and big name free agent signings.

Due to the World Baseball Classic this past year, the Yankees did not clinch the World Series until Nov 4.  This was just the second time the World Series has went into November, the last time being due to 9-11.   So by the time the World Series ended it was already week 9 in the NFL.  By this time playoff pictures were becoming somewhat clear.  The Colts and the Saints were chasing perfection.  This season the Colts have not lost a game they attempted to win, eventually finishing the season with 2 losses.  The Saints were not as perfect and ended up losing the last three games in the regular season.  Both teams did well in the Playoffs on their approach to the Super Bowl.  The last two weeks have been rough for a true baseball fan, because anytime you turn on the TV to watch any sports shows all you see is NFL this and NFL that.  Although baseball fans can finally breath a sigh of relief because the guard has changed and now the focus won’t be on passer ratings and touchdowns, but on getting ready for the long baseball season.

Well the celebration has started on Bourbon street and the New Orleans Saints are the Super Bowl Champions.  Spring training officially starts in 11 days.  Congrats to the New Orleans Saints and to the entire city of New Orleans.  Its baseball time now!