Sex addiction and jobs associated with Major League Baseball don’t exactly work well together.


This morning on the Today Show on NBC,  former Mets General Manager and former ESPN Baseball Analyst Steve Phillips admitted to having a sex addiction and that he has been in Rehab since shortly after his dismissal from ESPN this past fall.  He went to the same sex rehab in Mississippi that Tiger Woods is supposedly at now.

For the last 20 years Joe Morgan and Jon Miller have done the Sunday Night Baseball broadcasts on ESPN.  Starting at the beginning of the 2009 season Steve Phillips joined them for the Broadcasts.  At this time it was assumed that possibly one of either Morgan or Miller would not be returning for 2010 and Phillips would just step in and take their place.  Steve Phillips was known mainly from his role on Baseball Tonight an evening show on ESPN which is everything baseball.  Baseball Tonight is personally my favorite show to watch on television.

Unfortunately Phillips became involved with a 22 year old production assistant and the end to his ESPN career started.  Phillip’s mistress at one point contacted Phillip’s wife through text messaging.  She then showed up at his house trying to talk to his wife.  She even pretended to be somebody else online and tried to talk to Phillip’s son to get information on his marriage.  Once the scandal came out, ESPN fired both Phillips and the production assistant.

Phillips was reportedly involved in sex scandals while serving as the Mets General Manager.  This also caused him to lose his position, fortunately he ended with ESPN at the time and all seemed well.  Although at the time Phillips never got to the root of his addiction and it continued to be an issue for him.

He is very talented and has an amazing knowledge of baseball.  If Phillip’s takes time to get his marriage and family right, he should have no problem finding some sort of baseball job in the future.

On other news  it was reported by that Cliff Lee had minor foot surgery.  He has a had a bone spur which detached and was floating around.  Instead of suffering through pain for the season, he went ahead and had the procedure.  He will be ready for Spring training once it started.