The Rangers and most other MLB teams are thankful that Dr. Anthony Galea has not been linked to one of their players.


Earlier this year it was reported that Dr. Anthony Galea from Toronto had been linked to illegally dispensing Human Growth Hormone.  His assistant was attempting to cross the border into Canada and was stopped by Canadian authorities.  Once the vehicle was searched, they found HGH and another drug which has not been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration known as Actovegin.  Actovegin is a drug which is extracted from Calf’s blood and used to help the athletes muscles heal.

Dr. Galea is known here in the U.S. among athletes because he does a process known as Blood Spinning.  The name pretty much explains the process.  Blood is extracted from an athlete’s body and then put into a machine which separates it known as a centrifuge.  They then add the enzyme thrombin and calcium to the blood and spin the blood until it is mixed together forming a gel.  The gel is then injected into a wound, possibly speeding up the healing process as much as five times faster.

There have been several athletes here in the U.S. which have used Galea such as Tiger Woods, Alex Rodriguez, Carlos Beltran and Jose Reyes.  Galea’s arrest created the speculation around Tiger Woods and his possible HGH use.  The combination of Tiger’s current problems and Galea’s arrest only made the speculation swirl.  So far it has been reported that Rodriguez, Beltran and Reyes have all been interviewed by the federal aauthorities regarding the pending case against Galea.

As far as the players involved Rodriguez has stated that he was never injected with HGH ever by Galea; although the Yankees have separated themselves from the investigation, stating that they never authorized Galea to treat him.  The Mets have not come out and stated that they had no knowledge of  their players being involved with Galea.  Surely after the last season’s fiasco with Rodriguez and his admission of steroid use while with the Rangers and the previous season’s HGH admission by Andy Pettite, they do not want to be tied to anything of that sort at all.  Thankfully no Ranger’s players have been linked to Galea.