So thankfully my wrist is not broken, it’s baseball time and opening day is just 4 days away.


I have spent the last three days with a splint made out of cast material.  This has been very uncomfortable and even a challenge to do just about anything.  So today I visited my local orthopedist and he declared my wrist is not broken.  I am very grateful for this for the simple fact that I did not want a cast.  So it is just a case of tendinitis in my wrist and a misread x-ray.

I now sympathize with player’s that require cortisone shots in their wrists because it was pretty painful.  I couldn’t watch as he moved the needle all around.  After the injection, he gave me a brace which allows me to still type and sent me on my way.  I will return in three weeks and if not better, I will have a ten minute surgery which will fix it forever.  The main point is that I can still write about baseball, which is good.

Well… enough about me rambling about myself and now its time for Ranger’s Baseball.  As mentioned earlier opening day is in four days and it has been confirmed by Ian Kinsler through that he will start the season on the disabled list.

There was always the possibility that he would not be ready by opening day, although the Rangers continued to hold out hope.  The first reports that stated he would be ready by opening day seemed a little optimistic.  Lucky for the Rangers, since he hasn’t appeared Cactus  League games since early March he can have his disabled list assignment backdated, so he should only miss a few games into the season.  So far Kinsler has only appeared in five Cactus League games having ten at bats, so he is definitely not ready to go.

Thankfully after several trades this off season the Ranger’s finally found a replacement for Khalil Greene who did not report to spring training due to social anxiety disorder.  The Rangers acquired Andres Blanco this past Saturday, the Rangers will either send a player to be named later or cash considerations.

After being in camp for two days it was decided that he was the Ranger’s answer to the utility infielder position.  All throughout camp this spring, manager Ron Washington has stated that the utility infielder will have to be able to play shortstop very well and it seems as if Blanco is his man.

Since Kinsler is going on the D.L., Blanco will start at second on Monday and Joaquin Arias will assume the utility infielder role until Kinsler returns.  Before the Rangers acquired Blanco it was assumed that Arias would be the utility infielder, although once Kinsler returns Blanco will move to the utility role and Arias will be headed to the minors.