On a personal note…


Since starting writing for Nolan Writing, I have had the opportunity to experience a lot.  I have an undeniable passion for baseball and the Texas Rangers.  As a kid I always loved the game, although I never had the opportunity to play it in any organized fashion.

In 2005 my love for the game grew even stronger and I began to understand the game even more.  Before I liked the game and could sit and watch it when the playoffs came around, although I couldn’t explain every aspect of a full 9 innings of baseball.  I  then began to read baseball news everyday and since 2005 I have only not checked baseball news on either my phone or my laptop less than 10 days.

Basically what I am saying is that I am a fan just like you the reader.  I am working on a college degree, but it is nothing related to sports or journalism.  I just have a true passion for the game and if I could do something related to Baseball everyday as a job, I would be very happy in life.

My first post on Nolan Writin was in late January, so essentially I have only been writing for three whole months at this point.  I have never wrote anything other than required papers for my classwork before in my life, so this is a new experience for me and a growing experience.  I am not perfect in this nor do I ever think I will be.

Most of the time I am writing the posts right before I go to bed, because for starters the game just ended and secondly this is the first time all day that I have been able to sit down and focus on my writing.  I try my very best to give you the reader the best information about the Rangers, and a little of my personal opinion to it.  I want to thank anybody who has taken the time to read the blog, I truly appreciate it.

About a month ago I wrote on here of possibly having a broken wrist due to wrist pain since after Christmas.  My wrist has hurt every day with the exception of about 2.5 weeks in 2010.  After finally visiting an orthopedic surgeon it was realized that I just had tendinitis.  I received a cortisone shot in it almost a month ago and the pain subsided temporarily.

The pain returned late last week and the next option was to either go to physical therapy and pray that the pain goes away and I can get back to life, or that I have surgery to release the pressure around the tendons and never have the problem again.  I don’t have the time to do physical therapy, especially if it doesn’t help, so I decided to opt for surgery.  Not that there is anything wrong with physical therapy.

So today at 12:30 I will be having surgery on my right wrist and I will be off from my real job for a week and have stitches for two weeks.  Over the next week, my posts maybe sparse and if I do post they maybe short, but in the long run my wrist should be better.  Lastly though I want to thank everyone who reads the blog because I know if may not be perfect, but it is my passion.