Exciting news for Nolan Writin’


Sometimes you just need a little something to remind you why you do what you do.  I will be honest, earlier this month I somewhat questioned my effectiveness as a writer and if I am doing the right thing by writing for Nolan Writin’.  So as I was at my day job today, my phone beeped and I had an email on my Rangers email address.

I opened my inbox thinking that it would be just another random email, but to my pleasant surprise it was nothing I would have ever expected.  So far in writing here on Nolan Writin’ I have had the ability to show my passion for the Rangers and the game of baseball as a whole, although it was just something that I did as somewhat of a hobby.

The email I received today was from a lady asking if I would be interested in having the opportunity to interview right fielder Nelson Cruz early next week in a promotion from this marketing company.  I was so excited I replied right away that I was interested and what did I need to do.

So essentially I will be interviewing Cruz on Monday.  I have somewhat compiled questions that I would like to ask in my head, but I would love some input from readers of Nolan Writin’.  You can either submit questions here on as comments or feel free to email them to me at therangersexpress@gmail.com.  As long as I have time and the questions are appropriate I will do my best to ask all of the questions and I will write a post on the interview.  Lastly, thank you, the reader for the opportunity to write on here and the doors it is opening for me.