Rangers on a roll.


The Rangers just finished the Florida Marlin in a sweeping fashion improving t0 5-1 on the Interleague road trip.  They now head back to Texas, just not quite Arlington to face off against the Houston Astros in a three game weekend series.  In Friday nights game the Rangers are sending Scott Feldman (4-6) 5.28 ERA to face off against Houston starter Wandy Rodriguez (3-9) 5.60ERA.

As Ranger’s fans know Feldman hasn’t exactly been in his 2009 form so far this season, so when I was researching his stats I didn’t realize he would be in better shape that Wandy Rodriguez.  Feldman pitched his best start of the season last Saturday against the Milwaukee Brewers going 6 full innings, four hits and no runs.

Rodriguez’s record on the other hand is somewhat different though.  Feldman has a 4-6 record and his team is leading its division.  The Astros are currently 11 games back in the National League Central and Rodriguez’s record reflects that at a 3-9.  So essentially the Ranger’s success on this road trip should continue on into Houston.

Not only did the Rangers sweep the Florida Marlins and improve to an overall record of 38-28 while in Miami this week, something was accomplished on a more personal level.  Longtime Ranger Michael Young, who came to the Rangers the year after their last playoff appearance took the overall team record in hits on Wednesday, when he hit a two out, bases loaded single to score two runs which was his 1,748 overall and now and overall team record.

Young still has a few good years left and he could easily end up with a hall of fame worthy resume once he finally retires.  One thing that may hurt that, although not entirely Young’s fault is the fact he has never seen the postseason.  If he were to get a World Series ring that would help solidify his case for a hall of fame induction.

The Rangers need to continue to do all the good things right and if they do they will make it to the postseason.  the Rangers could use some second half to make the push for the division lead.  It is rumored that Seattle starter Cliff Lee is possibly available since Seattle has had such a poor start to what was thought to be the season to contend for the division title.  Seattle is falling apart, especially after Ken Griffey Jr. suddenly retires and all of the drama surrounding him before he called it a career.

One thing that may work in the Rangers favor is that even though Lee would still be in the A.L. West, it could possibly only be for one season and then he will hit free agency.  The Rangers may be an attractive team for Lee considering he is from Arkansas.  I actually grew up basically in the same town as Lee and we are only about five hours from the Dallas metro area.  I even know the neighborhood where he lives during the off season, although I do not know which house and no lol, I am not a stalker.

I remember picking my mom up from the Airport two years ago and his wife was flying home from Cleveland probably when Lee was still an Indian.  I saw his wife, the main reason I realized it was her because she was carrying Indians logo-ed baggage.  But for right now Lee is in Seattle, although I would love to see him come to the Rangers and possible stay longer than two months if the new ownership puts up the money.  One thing I can guarantee no matter where he goes, he will have some sort of no-trade clause on his contract.