Four games after sweep by the Rangers, Marlins manager dimissed.


Last week on Tuesday through Thursday the Rangers faced off against the Florida Marlins where they swept them in the three game interleague series.  The Rangers then headed to Houston to face off against the Astros and the Marlins stayed at home to face off against the interstate rivals the Tampa Bay Rays.  After the series and one game into the next series were completed it was announced early this morning that Freddie Gonzalez the manager of the Florida Marlins had been dismissed.

The Rangers finished the Astros with a sweep in three games and the Marlins then took 2 of three from the Rays before heading up to Baltimore to face off in a three game series against the Orioles.  The one interesting part of the trip to Baltimore is that three managers have been fired this season, Trey Hillman in Kansas City, Dave Trembly in Baltimore and now Freddie Gonzalez with the Marlins.

In some regards I feel sorry for Gonzalez.  Firstly, earlier this season there was a very public spat with team star Hanley Ramirez over him not hustling.  Ramirez was hit by a pitch on his leg and the next inning he did not hustle to field a ball and then booted it into left field.  Ramirez then lackadaisically headed towards the ball and two runs scored and he was charged with an error.

Gonzalez then pulled him from the game and afterwards Ramirez had some very public things to say about Gonzalez after the game and the days proceeding it in the media.  He eventually apologized to to the team and the issue became a dead one.

The owner of the Florida Marlins is Jerry Loria and he expects  a lot from his team.  Last season in 2009 they were last in team payroll in the National League.  The Marlins have won two world series in their short tenure as a team, although unfortunately in Baseball it takes good players to win championships and unfortunately teams only have control over players for six years and after that the players usually move on for more money.

So unfortunately it breaks down to it taking money to win championships more than once every two or so decades.  I know a lot of baseball fans call for a Salary cap and say that Baseball players make more than they should.  The way I feel about it, is that if the team has the revenue coming in, they should be able to spend it.  Especially with the Revenue sharing program in place.

The only person that a salary cap hurts is the players because it limits what they can make.  So essentially you have to have the money to put the best team on the field that you can, and if you are not willing to put it out, you can’t expect the team to put out a championship.

I know I got off on somewhat of a ramble but my reason is Jeffrey Loria expects his teams to do better than what he provides them.  So if you put out a team payroll in the bottom of the league then you should expect your team to finish in the bottom of the league.  Just because your team is a couple of games under .500 you shouldn’t fire your manager in June.

Gonzalez was under contract through 2011, so the Marlins are on the hook for that entire salary.  So by firing your manager this early into the season only puts you into more of a financial situation.  The money wasted on fired managers could be payroll.

Well… I am sorry Freddie Gonzalez that you got fired, you will be better off in the end.  Now you don’t have to work for an owner that expects more than he can or is willing to provide.  You should maybe look at working for ESPN because chances are one of  their current analysts could end up filling your managerial position.