Unfortunately the Rangers can’t play national league teams for the rest of the season.


Interleague play is over and the Rangers had the day off today, before starting a three game series against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.  In 18 total interleague games this season the Rangers went 14-4 with two of those loses coming in May when the Rangers faced the Cubs for a three game series.  In the month of June the Rangers lost to the Brewers and Astros respectively one time.

They won the other 14 games against the Marlins, Pirates, Brewers and two 3 game series’s against the Astros.  The month of June has been pretty good overall for the Rangers with them going 20-5.  In the West the Rangers are leading the Angels by 4.5 games with an overall record of 46-29.

One key to the Rangers success in June is a surging Josh Hamilton.  He has propelled himself into All-Star contention with an amazing June.  In 105 plate appearances over 24 games, Hamilton is hitting .470 with 47 hits and 30 RBIs.  His June offensive output has pretty much equaled his April and May output combined.  In April he walked 11 times, although in May and June so far he only has 9 walks combined.  I like walks, but hits are definitely better considering a walk is only one base where a hit could be any base.

One good thing also in June is that Nelson Cruz has returned to the line up after two stints on the disabled list with hamstring strains in each leg.  He has had some pretty good numbers when he is healthy, in 38 games he is hitting .323 with 10 home runs and 39 RBI’s.  So hopefully he can have a strong second half and help push the Rangers towards a division title.

The one thing that the Rangers desperately need is for the ownership situation to be resolved as soon as possible and at the very latest by the trade deadline.  The Rangers will not end up with a big player at the trade deadline if the team is still owned by Tom Hicks.  I am somewhat on the fence on whether the Rangers should go after a big player or work with rooster they currently have.  The possibilities of what a team may expect in return for a star player maybe sickening.  So I think the Rangers shouldn’t sacrifice the long term for the short term, because with the new ownership group the long term looks very promising.