Why Micheal Young should be the final All-Star.


As all Rangers fans know Michael Young is the leader of the Rangers, the unofficial captain.  He has been a mainstay with the Rangers since 2000 being very versatile and changing positions and doing what is best for the team.  He has been very loyal to the Rangers, even though during his tenure he has never seen a post-season game.  He has been elected to six consecutive all-star games since moving to the short stop position in 2004.  He even made his first All-Star appearance during his first season at third base.

So far this season he has played in 81 games with 11 home runs and 51 RBI’s.  He has 104 hits with 25 walks in 339 at bats.  He has appeared in 81 of the Rangers 82 games, which really shows his durability at the age of 33.  There are few players out there that are more of a team player than Young, considering after A-Rod was traded away in early 2004 he moved from second base to shortstop to accommodate Alfonso Soriano who at the time was a natural second baseman and was unwilling to budge.

Then before the 2009 season, when short stop prospect Elvis Andrus was ready to make his big league debut, Young moved to third base to accommodate him.  It was with some hesitation, but after already switching positions once and at the age of 32 and after nine big league seasons you can not blame him for not wanting to switch.  He made the move to third and in his first season there he made the All-Star game.

There have been lots of changes within the organization from the pending ownership group down to the coaching staff to the on-field personnel, but the one thing that has been consistent the last decade has been Young and he has been very durable.  Every day he steps onto the field he is getting closer to holding many of the Rangers records.  Just this season he passed Pudge Rodriguez for the Rangers all-time hits leader.  Once Young’s career is over which could be after the 2013 season when his current contract ends he will be eventually a Hall of Famer and will go down as one of the greatest Ranger’s to ever play the game.

So show your support Young and vote for him here to be the 34th man on the All-Star team.