Just when you thought the Rangers were sold.


Tom Hicks is still screwing over the Rangers thanks to his genius ideas to use the Rangers as a pawn for other sports ventures.  All season long Hicks has been attempting to sell the Rangers to a group led by a Pittsburgh attorney Chuck Greenberg and Hall of Famer Nolan Ryan who is the current club president of the Rangers.

Thanks to the lenders which Hicks owes a ridiculous amount of money, the sale has been blocked all season long because the lenders believe that group led by Greenberg was not the highest bid and the lenders are losing out on money that Hicks owes.  Earlier this season the Rangers organization filed bankruptcy in order to separate Hicks debt from debt owned by the Rangers.  If you only figure in the debt actually owned by the Rangers organization the sale of the team more than covers that.

Since the team has not officially been sold yet and both sides wanting a quick resolution the Greenberg group has agreed to reopen the bidding for the Rangers.  In the terms the group agreed that the bid has to be higher than the Greenberg bid, they have to have the money on hand to pay for the team and they still have to be approved by MLB.  It has been assumed that the Greenberg group would be approved by MLB.

I am sure the Greenberg group wouldn’t like to reopen bidding for the Rangers, but they want to get the sale done before the trade deadline so they can go after a big name player.  The only advantage I believe the group would receive if they did not win the team is that the winning bidder will have to pay them $15 million if I understand the deal right.

In other scary news, tonight at the ballpark a fan fell from the second deck down to the first deck.  I have not seen any video on it, but it looks like he feel attempted to grab a railing before falling onto fans below.  The fan leaned out over the edge and lost his balance attempting to catch a  foul ball.  It was reported that he is not seriously hurt and should be ok, he was taken to a local hospital.  The fans he fell on below were injured, but they were treated on scene and they were ok.  The game was halted while the fan was removed by emergency personnel.