Sorry I have been on Vacation…


I have spent the last week vacationing in Washington D.C.  We actually made the trip here from Little Rock, Arkansas by car so we could take our dog with us, which was an interesting situation.  I was lucky enough to have Internet access on the drive up there, so I was able to blog on the way up.

While in the D.C. area we spent time with my mother-in-law and we stayed pretty busy during the day seeing D.C. and at night we would get something for dinner and we would spend time with her, so by the time I had free time to write, I was exhausted and pretty much went to bed.

So I am sorry about the absence of writing this past week, I have so much to write about including my trip as a whole and all of the interesting aspects of it, including the 16 hour each way car ride which seemed to never end.  Since it was the All-Star break and there were no games going on during the week, I was unable to attend a game while in D.C.  I just sat in the hotel on Tuesday night, heartbroken after the American League lost the game.

One thing I did do during my trip was take a tour of Nationals Park with my wife.  It was an awesome experience and I can’t wait to tell you all about it, and why you should take a tour of a park on a non-game day some day.  During the tour we were able to see some pretty cool stuff.

As far as the Rangers have done so far this second half has been pretty good, even though we are only one series into the second half.  There is a lot to write about that one weekend series, including some amazing plays.  We spent 13 hours in the car today and I can barely stay awake, so starting tomorrow night I will be back on track.  Sorry I did not give any notice before I left for vacation, I honestly thought I could still blog.  So I look foward to this week and the remainder of the season, thanks  for taking the time to stop by Nolan Writin’ and follow me here as the Rangers make their push for the playoffs.