The Tampa Bay Rays were involved in third no hitter this season.


For the third time this season and the fourthtime in a little over a calender year, the Rays were part of a no-hitter with two of those being perfect games.  The only difference is the fourth time it was a player in a Rays uniform celebrating at the end.  Veteran starter Matt Garza pitched a no-hitter against the Tigers.

This is the second time, well should have been the second time the Tigerswould have been involved in a no-hitter’s this season.  Earlier this season Armando Galaraga pitched a perfect game, but on the final out he beat the runner to the base and the umpire missed the call.  Interestingly enough the umpire Jim Joyce who missed the call was voted best umpire by the players after the missed call.

In tonight’s start Garza threw a 120 pitches with 80 0f them being strikes walking only one player.  He still faced the minimum 27 hitters by giving up a walk to Brennan Boesch before getting Ryan Raburn to hit into an inning ending double play.  Edwin Jackson threw a no-hitter on June 25th throwing 149 hits an giving up 8 walks, so obviously Garza’s no-hitter was more efficient.  I have a feeling that manager A.J. Hinch letting Jackson throw 149 pitches was one of the last things causing him to lose his job earlier this season.

That makes 5 no-hitters for 2010 with at least one no-hitter coming each month so far this season with two perfect games in 2010.  So congratulations to Matt Garza for throwing a no-hitter and being the first pitcher to throw one for the Rays after being the victim of 3 no-hitter/perfect games in little over a year.