The Rangers had a busy July


The 2010 July was much different then previous seasons, for the first time in a long time the Rangers have been buyers and not sellers.  They didn’t trade away stars the caliber of Mark Teixeira, but were able to acquire Cliff Lee for Justin Smoak and a couple of prospects.  They did finish July sending a quality player out, but they sent him out to restock the farm system.

The Rangers started July by acquiring Bengie Molina to solidify the catching position which has been a week spot for the Rangers all season.  With his acquisition the Rangers were able to send prospect Max Ramirez to the minors to get more time.  They also let career back up catcher Matt Treanor step back into a backup role, which he is more comfortable with.

After acquiring Molina the Rangers made a splash by making a blockbuster trade with the Mariners acquring Cliff Lee because the Mariners are in the cellar of the American League West.   In the trade the Rangers sent Justin Smoak who had been the Rangers starting first baseman.  He has not been that great statistical during his time with the Rangers, so maybe he wasn’t ready or maybe the Rangers didn’t lose much.  The Mariners sent him to the minors today, they probably look at him for the future and maybe he needs a little more seasoning.

The Rangers have been looking for a right handed corner infielder since they attempted to acquire Mike Lowell this past off season, so they made a trade with he Marlins sending Jorge Cantu to the Marlins for a couple of prospects.  second baseman Ian Kinsler was placed onto the D.L. with a groin strain so it was assumed that the Rangers would send Cantu out to play some second base while Kinsler is out.

At this point I thought the Rangers were done trading, but the next day they went out and traded two minor league pitchers for veteran Cristian Guzman who had to waive his no trade clause.  Guzman has more experience at second base than Cantu so he will serve as the Rangers primary second baseman until Kinsler returns and then will slot into the utility infielder once Kinsler returns.

With all these moves, the Rangers have sent 10 players out in receiving 4 players in return.  In an effort to restock the farm system the Rangers sent Jarrod Saltlamacchia to the Red Sox in return for Chris McGuiness a first baseman, Roman Mendez a right handed pitcher, a player to be named late and $350,000 to help the Rangers sign some a couple of players from the Draft.  The Rangers realized they had a hot commodity sitting on the Triple-
A roster and decided to try to get something in return.  The trade could net the Ranger 6 more players almost making up for what the Rangers lost in trades this month. 

With all these moves the Rangers have stocked the major league roster on a push for the playoffs and have also restocked the farm system.  The next two months of baseball should be a lot of fun for Rangers fans considering as of right now the Rangers are up 8.5 games on the Angels.  October is looking clearer every day.