Rangers take two of three from the Red Sox.


Over the last two series the Rangers have gone up against big competitors in the Yankees and Red Sox.  Through it all they split the short two game series with the Yankees and took two of three from the Red Sox.  The Yankees would more likely be a competitor come October considering they have a league leading 72 wins.

Boston on the other hand is six games back from the Yankees in the American League East and five games back in the American League Wildcard from the Tampa Bay Rays.  With only a month and a half left of the regular season five games can be a lot to overcome, but I have seen crazier things happen.

The Rangers still hold a pretty sizable 8.5 game in the West over the Los Angeles Angels so the Rangers are in the best shape this late in the season since 1999.  In today’s win over the Red Sox C.J. Wilson improved to 11-5 with a 3.19ERA.

After the game today the Rangers boarded a charter flight to Tampa Bay to face off against the Rays.  The Rays are only one game behind the Yankees in the East with a 71-46 record.  The Rangers will send Cliff Lee (10-5) 2.57ERA  to the mound to face off against David Price who is looking to extend Ray history and bring his win total up to 16 wins which will be beating his own Rays season win record at 15.  Price’s record overall is (10-5) 2.84ERA.

In today’s paper here in Little Rock, the Arkansas Democrat Gazette there was an article mentioning the Rangers.  I did not realize it, but the paper said that the Greenberg group once becoming official gave all Rangers full-time personnel the MLB nonuniform pension plan.  That is one step in creating an amazing organization.

The paper also said that for the fans, they have lowered parking, hot dogs and beer prices in the park.  I am sure most people reading this right now are pretty excited about paying less for beer.  Maybe the new ownership has realized something.  If you want your team to play well, you need to have fans in the stands.  You want your players to see the amazing support and play harder which will bring more wins.

By lowering prices they put more butts in seats and adds more revenue.  I can guarantee two beers at a lower price is more revenue than no beers at a higher price.  The more revenue coming into the team the better chances to resign players like Cliff Lee which can bring more wins to the park essentially bringing more fans to the park starting a great cycle.