One Unbe-Lee-vable game


The common expectations leading into game 1 of the World Series was that it would be a pitcher’s duel. It did not quite turn out that way. The Texas Rangers had a rough night in their first game ever in the World Series, as they fell 11-7. The San Francisco Giants surprised many and seemed to catch a hold of every bad pitch or mistake by the Rangers. Cliff Lee was human for the first time not just in this postseason, but in his career in the playoffs. The Giants took advantage of some bad pitches and a some untimely Rangers errors to tack on more runs then I think they got all of the last series. Superman is not supposed to be chased out of the 5th inning of a World Series game. The Giants ace Tim Lincecum was not perfect himself, as the Rangers got 2 early runs off of him and then got 2 more off of him later. He only last 5 and 2/3 innings, and most people would have said that if the Rangers chased him that early and got 4 runs from him then they would win. But a man so many viewed as superhuman was not in the zone tonight and it changed how many Texas fans viewed this series.

But it was not just the beloved Cliff Lee who had a bad night for the Rangers. Vlad had a not to great night at the plate, going 1 for 4, and an even worse night in right field. He bobbled balls multiple times and had 2 errors that lead to more runs by the Giants later in the game. I know Ron Washington wants his bat and presence in the lineup, but I think the Rangers could get by just fine with Francoeur or Murphy out there and batting 6th or 7th. Bring Vlad in as a bench hitter later in the game when needed. Star Ian Kinsler also went 1 for 4, and the on time he got on he made a baserunning error to start the 7th that got him out.

I guess if you want to have a bad night, have it be bad. If something is going to go wrong, fail at it and learn from what went wrong. It is still only one game into a seven game series. The Rangers just need to refocus and get prepared for game two. They looked nervous and uncertain at times just jittery. They need to remember what they are and get back to the things that got them this far. We saw a superhuman defeated tonight, and I bet with some good pitching from C.J. in game 2 and just getting back to playing how they have and having fun, they will be just fine. It is a best of seven, not best of one.