The series is decided tonight


Tonight is the most important night in the history of the Texas Rangers. For everything that has been done this season, on and off the field, tonight decides everything. I know it is a best of 7 series, but if the Rangers do not turn it around and gain a win tonight, then the series is over in my opinion. The good and bad news for the Rangers and their fans is that the first two games were about as bad as it could be. They were not hitting like they really can except for a little bit late in game one, after it was already out of reach. After playing like an unbeatable machine, Cliff Lee did not have his stuff and the Giants pounced. C.J. Wilson looked solid and was pitching great, until a blister caused him to leave and the bullpen again looked like they were high school players. Baserunning errors, errors in fielding, bad pitching, not being disciplined at the plate. It all happened in the first two games.

Now Texas is back home and hopefully can reset and revert back to the Rangers we have seen all postseason. Colby Lewis will get the ball after being the hero in game 6 against the Yankees, and back in front of the home crowd. Pitching will be key tonight. The Giants came into the World Series with a horrible hitting average for a team that made it to the World Series, but the last two games they have stacked up runs and taken full advantage of the Rangers bullpen. It really is time. If the Rangers want to make a series of this thing it has to happen tonight. They have to get the bats going, and hopefully early. They have to get a good outing from Colby and the bullpen can not pitch like members of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

The Rangers and Ron Washington have to right the ship tonight. And I think they can. The faithful Texas fans will be loud and ready to help their team in the World Series for the first time. The Rangers know they have their backs up against the wall, now let’s see if they can fight their way back into it. Prediction: Rangers 5, Giants 2