Time to climb this mountain


Well that definitely didn’t turn out how I thought it might last night. And it definitely did not at all go how the Texas Rangers would have liked it to. Getting 3 hit by a rookie, and completely losing anything they had going for them in the World Series. Now if the Rangers want to claim their first title in franchise history, they have a little bit of a mountain to climb. Down 3-1 in the series to the San Francisco Giants, the Rangers are going to have to start making some magic happen tonight at the ballpark.

They even got a pretty good effort from Hunter last night, as he did not get the Rangers in to huge trouble early. He only last 4 innings, and you would have hoped that he could have gotten 5 or 5+. But the Rangers were only down 2-0 when he left. But his pitch count was high and the Giants were constantly fouling away balls against him as he did not have a pitch he could turn to when their was two strikes. Madison Bumgarner on the other hand was just amazing. The Giants for years have just always drafted pitchers with their high picks and even the young ones that you think might be able to be rattled and chased in a big game just perform. The Rangers did not help their own cause much, but he was just top notch and his slider was fooling the Texas batters all night.

Game 5 tonight lines up as a rematch of game one. Cliff Lee will try to change back into his Superman suit and redeem his performance from game one. He was about as perfect as could be through the playoffs until game one, and says he sees the game as a chance for redemption. “In the regular season usually when you have a bad outing, your next outing is going to be against someone else,” Lee said on Sunday. “This time I get a chance to redeem myself against the team that actually put it to me pretty good last time. I’m looking forward to it. It’s basically the last start of the season for me and I want to do everything I can to help this team win the World Series.” This is it for him, and I would not expect anything less then him just putting everything into tonight and trying to at least get the Rangers one more win. Tim Lincecum will be facing him again, and although he has been the ace for the Giants for a few years now and that crazy long hair and 15 year-old face is the face of the franchise, Timmy was not too sharp himself in game one. The Rangers got a couple of runs off of him early, and even though he settled down as the game went on, he did only last 5 2/3 innings and gave up 4 runs. The Rangers HAVE, let me repeat that, HAVE to get to him and score in the first few innings. Lee pitches amazing historically when he gets an early lead and settles in. And that is historically the way to score of Lincecum.