The End of a Joy Ride


The ending did not fit the story. It was difficult to watch towards the end, and hard to stomach to watch that other team celebrate on our field. But it is over and right away it is time to start working for next year. The Texas Rangers ended the greatest season they have ever had as a franchise with a loss, something bitter fans are focusing on right now. And while I hated it and it was not what all of us had hoped for, when we look at the ride as a whole, it was a fun one.

Winning games in all sorts of fashions, being competitive with the elite teams in the American League, winning our first division title in many years, and reaching the World Series for the first time. Not a bad resume for a season in which the Rangers were expected to just compete for the division and maybe have a shot at winning it. They cut down the favored Tampa Bay Rays in the first series, and Cliff Lee showed why the Rangers traded for him with his dominance and demeanor. They then went to New York and got rid of their postseason demons with the New York Yankees, thoroughly beating them for all but about 6 innings in the whole series. Lee showed what he was capable of again, and Colby Lewis started to prove that he had what it took to be a postseason hurler as well. Then they hit a roadblock and things fell apart. The San Francisco Giants used a pitching staff that is stacked with young and elite talents, and the Rangers could not get past it. They started to become undisciplined at the plate and swing at a lot of pitches they laid off during the last two rounds. The issues with the bullpen caught up to them and cost them a couple of games. But overall, the Giants just got every break it seemed that they could get, and the Rangers just could not catch one and when they did they could not capitalize a few times.

The Rangers have already turned their attention to the next season, which is good. We got so close and had an amazing year, but now it is time to try and take that next step. They will not surprise people like they have over the last two seasons during their ascension to contender. They have talent, young prospects still, a few stars, and management team that with new ownership and money is eager to bring a World Series to the organization for the first time. It was a fun and historical ride, but their is another chance coming up and this time it looks like the Rangers are going to make every attempt to put the right ending with it the next time. It was time to break through and reach a level that this franchise, and “It’s time” fit the feeling for the season. But now it’s time to stay near the top, and take a couple of stabs at taking over the throne.

P.S. – I am working on getting an offseason plan for the Rangers together, and the what they need to get done. Look for it later today or tomorrow.