Hamilton and Guerrero earn Silver Slugger awards


Although the Rangers got robbed earlier this week when the Gold Gloves were handed out for the best fielders in each position (Jeter getting one is a joke and shows that sometimes it is just a popularity contest), the Texas Rangers saw a couple of their players earn Silver Slugger awards for being outstanding with their bats for the 2010 season. It is good to see the Rangers start to get some awards and recognition for the amazing season that a few of the players had.

Josh Hamilton and offseason addition Vladimir Guerrero both took home the award, which goes to the top offensive player at each position. Both players are past winners of the award and are not new to being top offensive players. Josh won one of the three outfielder awards, with the other two going to Crawford of Tampa and Bautista of Toronto. Hamilton won the award back in 2008 in his first year with the Rangers when he broke out and had that magical story of rising to stardom even after his past. What is amazing his that he matched or passed stats from that season in almost every major stat despite playing 23 less games this season and dealing with some injuries. His health will still be questioned by some since he has dealt with some injuries in his career so far, but when he has been playing it is fun to watch. He struck out less this season, and still hit 32 HRs and 40 doubles and lead all of baseball in batting .359 and slugging .633. He was shaky during the World Series, but he showed throughout the year and in the ALCS against the Yanks that he is one of the best batters in the league and could be the AL MVP.

Vlad took home the award for his 8th time, making 8th player since the award started in 1980 to win it eight times or more. Not too bad for a career. Vlad won the AL DH spot, and deservedly so for his regular season. Bad Vlad batted .300 with 29 home runs and lead the Rangers with 115 RBIs, passing the 100 RBI mark for the 10th time in his career. After the Angels decided to let one of their best players ever go, the Rangers took a chance to bring him in to take the DH spot and Guerrero hit the high side of what the Rangers had hoped for. Of course it is out now that both sides decided against the option for next season, but that was apparently the plan from the start. He could be back and it looks like he would like to be back and is just seeing what kind of offers he will get. He of course would love a two year deal, but if nothing blows his expectations away, then I think there is better then a 50% chance that he is back next season as long as the Rangers and Vlad can agree on a deal that is not too pricey for the Rangers.

Later today I plan to have something for you updating the Cliff Lee situation and my stance on his agents rumored requests. Until then, enjoy your Friday Rangers fans!