Still Pending: Cliff Lee Decision


First off, sorry for being gone virtually all of last week.  I was having connection issues.  Obviously, I’m back up and running and ready to throw news you at you when it comes in.  Also, I have yet to introduce myself to you guys formally so expect a post to come out later today or tomorrow.

Moving on from the non-important stuff…the hot topic of the current week in MLB is Cliff Lee – or at least from my point of view as well as the Texas Rangers and New York Yankees.  The Rangers reported that they expected to hear from Cliff Lee early this week but it is early afternoon on Monday and no decision has yet to be made.

Over the weekend during their visit with Lee, his wife and his agent, the Rangers supposedly offered Lee a contract for six years at about $140 million with a seventh year club option.  The Yankees offered a seven-year contract said to be close to $160 million on Thursday before Lee’s agent left the Winter Meetings to head to Arkansas and collaborate with his client.

If Lee really does like Texas and is confident of his pitching abilities then I believe he’ll stick with Texas.  Otherwise, if it was all about the money, he likely would have already signed with the Yankees rather than making everyone be on pins and needles.

I am sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for this decision to be made as are the Rangers and Yankees. Neither of the teams gave Cliff a timetable for a decision; however, the decision will likely come this week and I’ll be here to keep you updated on what team Lee will pitch for in the 2011 MLB season.