This Babe Loves Baseball and NASCAR


Since I haven’t formally introduced myself to any of you, here it goes:

My name is Stacy Smith and I have just recently became the lead writer here at Nolan Writin’.  I turn 25 this Thursday, am married to a wonderful man and have three beautiful children, two with my current husband and one from a previous marriage (but that’s an entirely different story!).

I started writing around three years ago at which time I started with my first gig, which was casino, poker and sports betting related content.  The sports betting quickly turned into a huge interest for me, which then developed into a huge love for sports.

The first sport I was interested in was NASCAR.  My dad watched the races every single Sunday when I lived at home, but I was never really into it.  We went to the local dirt track every Saturday night, which I enjoyed much more.  As I grew older, though, I started watching NASCAR and immediately fell in love with Tony Stewart.  I guess it was his aggression that drew me to him and while he is no longer considered the “bad boy” of NASCAR (since he passed that torch off to Kyle Busch – I despise that guy!), he is still my favorite and always will be.

Since this isn’t a NASCAR blog, I’ll get past the NASCAR part and move on to baseball.  I went to my first baseball game with my dad and uncle when I was probably around 12.  It was a Texas Rangers game.  Being so young, I was in love with all the boys in tight pants but I now have more of a love for the game.

Despite what you may believe, I don’t JUST watch the Rangers so that I can watch C.J. Wilson throw his fast ball (and look so damn fine doing it) or watch Ian Kinsler up at-bat (same witty comment here!). I am actually a babe that loves baseball for the love of the sport not for the love of the boys playing ball, although that is just a huge bonus!

I will admit that I didn’t watch many games through the season this year, but I wasn’t any less informed of what was going on as I wrote for a sports betting news website for majority of the year and I covered the latest sports news.  When the Rangers were getting so close to going to the playoffs, I began watching the games and focusing solely on Texas and how they were doing in the division chase.  After they secured their division, I couldn’t miss the playoffs.  I even got to watch the final playoff game that sent them into the ALCS with my father and grandfather making the game even more enjoyable.  Obviously, I went on to watch all of the Championship Series games and I was praying the Rangers would beat them Yankees.  They think they are so big and bad and totally untouchable – I hope they know now that isn’t true!  Then I watched the World Series.  I hated that the Rangers didn’t win but I think making their first World Series appearance in franchise history was a big enough accomplishment.

Anyhow, that’s how I got to where I am today.  I may not have watched baseball or the Rangers for the past five years, every game, every year, but that doesn’t make me any less of a fan.  The Texas Rangers are by far my favorite team in the MLB and I plan to stay here at Nolan Writin’ providing you guys with the latest news, signings, injuries and more as long as I’m welcome.